What if you could Automatically Push Announcements and Information to your folks just by them being Close?

You decide What they see, When and Where.

No more paper or printing costs, everyone has the information automatically right on their SmartPhone and delivery is 100%.

It's A.I. Technolgoy on Auto-Pilot.

Get a Free GeoFence

If you are a School, Church or Non-Profit Organization,
this will be a benefit to both YOU and YOUR MEMBERS.

It will make their SmartPhones a LOT SMARTER.
Your updates and announcements will be in REAL TIME.

We have a few videos to show you what it can mean,
starting with this Introduction for your Members.

A GeoFence is Essentially a Pocket Billboard.
You can make announcements on Auto-Pilot when folks are close.
(This video is an explanation for Retail but You'll get the picture.)

The uses are unlimited, here is one for a Museum.

You control the message and delivery.
(We give you the GeoFences you need. Beacons are Optional.)

Total Control

You can have your own log-in for total control over the content, timing, etc. Move your GeoFence, expand or shrink, add another for a different area, you decide what you want and where you want it.
You can also let us handle everything, just email us what you need and it's done.

  • Special Meeting this evening.
  • Auditorium booked from 2:00 till 5:00 pm.
  • Dogs allowed Off Leash Wed thru Sat, 1:00 till 7:00 pm.
  • Pool closed for Maintenance next week.
  • Rent is due this Friday.

    The uses are only limited by your imagination. 
    Note: Messages are Push Notifications.

  • Scenarios

    You control What happens and When.

    • When someone enters, "x" happens.
    • When they dwell for "x" amount of time, "y" happens.
    • Have this message repeat after "x" minutes if they are still in the area, or not repeat.
    • Have "x" amount of time pass before they see this message again. Very handy if folks come in and out a lot, or say an example of a delivery person driving by a lot. They don't want to see the message every time, that will drive them nuts.
    • When they leave, "x" happens.
    • When they have been gone for "x" amount of time without returning again, "x" happens (Retargeting, a Very Powerful Feature.)



    What and Where

    Everyone coming in range of your GeoFence gets the message.

    An added reminder to your already published printed material.

    You control where it's seen, when, and you can even schedule it for certain days or certain times.

    Easy Log-in to change and edit.

    Your own Login

    Complete Control

    You have your own login to change anything you want.

    OR, just let us know and we'll handle everything.

    If you don't want to bother with the adminintration, just email us what you need and when, and we'll handle it.

    Your system is portable, move it to where it's needed.

    Links can be simple messages, rich text or even full pages and video.

    Additional Uses

    Let businesses run ads?

    It's Your System, use it as you see fit.

    This can be your Pocket Billboard.

    If a business wants to advertise, why not let them for a Charge?

    It's totally up to you. If you want to let businesses advertise for revenue generation, we can help but we don't take any money for this. It's all yours.


    If you want

    This may not be a feature you need but it's there if you want.

    Find out where folks spend the most time.

    Includes "Heat Maps" to see concentrations.

    Typically this feature is used by businesses but it's here if you want it because it's in All of our plans.

    What about FUNraising

    Sounds a little better than FUNDraising, right?

    We even have a way you can use this system to generate funds, at NO COST TO YOU.

    It can be set up to be on Auto-Pilot, with you doing Nothing, and there is No Sunset date. It's ongoing and Monthly.
    Let me know if you want more information on this.
    Here is a link,

    Your System

    Use it how you need

    We are here to help.

    When you need something special, let's visit and there's a pretty good chance we can knock it out.

    Just a little lower on appSAVE® you'll see HOW this benefits your members.






    Your System

    You Decide What/When

    Keep them Informed or Alerted

    Your GeoFence will alert folks to what you want them to see, when you want it seen. But in addition, if you want more precise control get Beacons and alert folks at specific area, indoors or outdoors. (Beacons sold separately.)

    See why users call it
    The Find Cash App

    How nice would it be to find local deals that actually interest you, not the typical Bombardment of stuff that doesn't?

    No more getting blasted with crap you have no interest in, you set your preferences and you're good to go.
    And the best part, it only works when you are out and about, you never worry that you've opened the flood gates by responding to an ad you saw.

    Time to Save Money

    The Find Cash App.

    When you are Near a Deal, your phone can give you an alert.
    You choose the types of deals you want to see and when you want to see them.
    Click On or Off with your "Do Not Disturb" button at any time.

    Does Not affect your billing plan OR Battery Life!
    Other systems like this affect BOTH, we don't affect either.

    Download the App

    Look for appSAVE®

    What's in it for Us?

    We need exposure

    appSAVE® is becoming the Premier Way Local Business owners engage with their Local Customers on a regular basis.

    Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us. We need folks using the app.

    What better way than to give it to you for Free?

    You will use it because it has Real Value.

    You get a tool, we get users and users get deals.

    It's a Win/Win/Win.

    Beginning in the West then throughout North America and the Western Hemisphere.


    Dr. Rick Mayer, Founder and C.E.O.

    o 800-913-5566